Project timeline: Where we’re at and where we’re heading

Key project milestones and their dates are shown below by year of occurrence.  Please contact us with any questions.


May 2013 - OneWind Australia Pty Ltd takes ownership of Glen Innes wind farm. Oct 2013 - Met masts are refurbished.

Denham Capital invests in Australia, setting up OneWind Australia Pty Ltd, and purchasing a portfolio of consented wind farms from National Power.

OneWind applies for a development modification to extend the approval by 12 months.  Extension granted in August 2013 until August 2014.

All met masts on site are refurbished to enhance the wind measurement campaign.

OneWind applies for a development modification to increase the allowed tip height of the wind turbines from 130m to 150m.  Minor layout changes included to allow for inter-turbine spacing with larger rotors.


Further development approval modification works.

Development approval modifications applied for, relating to layout and wind turbine heights, along with a time extension.

The extension has been requested to allow for the completion of the federal government RET review.



Renewal Energy Target agreed in June 2015

The Australian Government has settled on reforms to the Renewable Energy Target, following careful consideration and extensive consultation.

The new target for large-scale generation of 33,000 GWh in 2020 will double the amount of large-scale renewable energy being delivered to the scheme compared to the current levels and means that about 23.5 per cent of Australia’s electricity generation in 2020 will be from renewable sources.


Development Approval Modifications approved in January 2016.

Modifications to the approval to change the tip height to 150m were approved in January 2016.

The NSW Department of Planning approval requires construction to commence by the end of January 2017.

The project will now progress with EPC contract tendering and negotiations, along with geotechnical survey work, due to start in Q1 2016.


Development Approval & Glen Innes Modification Submission

Development Approval –  Click Here 

Glen Innes Modification Submission – Click Here


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